Mapping Out My 2015 Running Goals

I seriously can’t believe there are only ten days until Christmas! Where did this year go? Feels like I say that every year. Nevertheless, as 2014 winds down I’m starting to get really excited about my 2015 running goals. This year was huge for me and saw more PBs including my first ultra marathon, but 2015 is going to top it. Here’s what I have coming up.

Winter/Spring 2015 Running Goals

Last year I had four spring races lined up and it was just too much, especially with the ultra at the end. I felt like I was training forever and after the 3rd event I started to wear down. This year I’ve lined up only two spring events: Around the Bay 30k (my favourite!) and Sulphur Springs 50k (my 2nd ultra!)

I’ve run ATB30k three times now (2012 | 2013 | 2014) and its definitely the most fun course for me. A lot of my running friends take part and the weather at the end of March is usually pretty decent. I ran a sub 2:30 last year and I’m looking to do the same this time around.

Looking for a change this year I decided to sign up for a trail ultra. I know a few people who have run Sulphur Springs previously and it comes highly recommended. The May 23rd date is also very appealing. Running the Niagara Ultra last June was great but it extended my training by almost four weeks, not to mention it got pretty warm out. Finishing my goal race before the end of May will give me a lot more time to recover before I start gearing up for fall.

I’m not chasing a time goal here, it’s strictly about crossing the finish with a smile and feeling good. Smaller goals for training include keeping running to only five days per week with a few days of strength training and making sure I’m getting enough (quality) calories.

Summer/Fall 2015 Running Goals

I missed not running a fall race last year, but I thought my body needed the break after a rigorous training season. I spent the summer recovering and doing cross training, mostly weights. I also managed to put on 20lbs of muscle after withering away during ultra training.

With extra time off I should have ample time to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon on October 18th. This is another big event with lots of friends and supporters. My nine week training plan will begin around the 3rd week of August so I’ll have close to three months off during the summer. That means less running, more strength training and valuable time spent with my family.

I’ve run the Scotia half marathon numerous times so there are no surprises here. This is strictly a half marathon PB attempt (sub 1:37). Beginning training at the end of summer gives me a huge advantage when the temperature drops off. I basically feel like I’m flying!

I’ve just registered for all three events so there’s no turning back now. Having all these races actually booked is super motivating. I’m still in base building mode right now but I can’t wait for training to begin in February. I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription is a three hour long run! (that’s how it goes, doesn’t it?)

4 responses to “Mapping Out My 2015 Running Goals”

  1. Fantastic goals Peter! I’d be on that 50k train as well if it wasn’t for Ottawa. Sulphur is simply AMAZING! I know you’re really going to enjoy it for sure! Looking forward to seeing you at ATB in March as well. I’ll be sure to message you if we do any Long Runs on the course.

    • Thanks Nicole. I was considering Ottawa but I think I caught the ultra bug. My training starts Feb 2 and goes 16 weeks. I’m going to try to do as much trail running as possible but I’ll be up for a group long run sometime. Are you going to run the Chilli? I’ll probably be there to cheer