Run With or Without Music?

To Run With or Without Music, That Is the Question

Running is music, if you’re patient enough to hear it.
Ask Miles, Runner’s World, Jan. 2013

That quote is one of the best I’ve ever heard and perfectly sums up my thoughts on music and running. To run with or without music is constantly debated and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. You’re either for it or against it. Some races now even try to ban headphones on the race course citing safety reasons. I used to run with music, but now I don’t at all. Why the change of heart? Let me tell you. Continue reading

Running to Work – Living the Dream

The Joy of Running to Work - My Gear

About five months ago, my family and I moved from the suburbs back to the city. One of the deciding factors was that the move would make home very close to work (about 3.6km to be exact), and the thought of running to the office instead of driving on the highway got me very excited. My old commute was on average about 30min with moderate traffic. I knew I wouldn’t be running to the office every day, but I’d be able to run my new commute in about 10min less than it used to take me to drive. Running to work… how awesome is that! Continue reading