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  • 2015 Around the Bay 30k Race Report

    2015 Around the Bay 30k Race Report

    The 2015 Around the Bay 30k is my first race of the season. As noted in my 2015 training plan, I decided to pass on running the Chilly Half Marathon this year so my training wouldn’t begin so early and I wouldn’t be burnt out for the Sulphur Springs 50k. Training has been going very […]

  • 2014 Mississauga Marathon Race Report

    2014 Mississauga Marathon Race Report

    The 2014 Mississauga Marathon was a totally different race experience for me. For starters, I was going to be pacing my friend Nicole and not running solo trying to set a new marathon PB. Since my goal race is six weeks later, I didn’t want to run Mississauga full out at my race pace. I […]

  • 2014 Around the Bay Race Report

    2014 Around the Bay Race Report

    Of all the GTA spring races, I definitely like Around the Bay the best! It’s been a REALLY long winter, and I’ve been anticipating running the 2014 Around the Bay 30k for months. For me, this race is a sure sign that winter is finally over. It’s also the perfect bridge between a half and […]

  • Looking Back on 2013

    Looking Back on 2013

    These are my official 2013 stats from DailyMile. Looking back on 2013 I’m amazed to see that I accomplished so much. I achieved every one of my goals, shattered personal records, and was healthier than ever. Key milestones I ran over 2700km (almost 600km more than in 2012) Averaged over 50km of running per week […]

  • 2014 Race Goals

    Wow, this year has really flown by. I can’t believe it’s mid-December already! It seems like only yesterday I was running in shorts and now I’m wearing three layers and shovelling the driveway. Anyway, as we get ready to say good-bye to 2013, I’d like to look ahead and share my 2014 race goals.