Winter Running Shoes – A Barefoot Runner’s Dilemma

Winter Running with the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

Now that we’re a few weeks into December, I’m really starting to notice the cold during my runs. Thermal layers, gloves, and a hat are all standard attire for winter running in Canada, but what do other barefoot runners do? This is my first winter running after transitioning to barefoot, and my feet are really starting to get cold slogging through icy slush and huge puddles in my Vibram FiveFingers. I really needed to find some solid winter running shoes. Continue reading

Transition to Barefoot Running – My Journey

My Transition to Barefoot Running

For years I’ve been doing all of my running in neutral-cushioned shoes, and for most of that time I’ve had some form of injury. Shin splints, runners knee, plantar fasciitis, you name it, I had it. I just assumed it was something I had to live with. That it was just part of the deal if I wanted to be a runner. After about 2 years of serious running, I decided that I was tired of being in pain after my runs and I was going to give minimalist shoes a try. Continue reading