Barefoot Running Transition – My 1 Year Anniversary

My 1 Year Barefoot Running Anniversary

One year ago I injured myself doing a tempo run in minimalist shoes. My calf muscle went and I was forced to walk 3km home in agonizing pain. On that long walk home I started thinking that something had to change. Does it really need to be like this? Why do runners just accept that being injured is par for the course? I took a week off of running, iced my aching calf and did a little research. I got myself a copy of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it really inspired me to get back to running. What intrigued me was that it seemed to echo my sentiment that you can run pain-free – if you’re willing to be patient and put in a little work. You can’t just ditch the shoes and expect to be able to run 10 miles barefoot. Elite marathoners from countries like Kenya and Ethipoia have been running barefoot all their lives, so they already have really strong feet. Mid-pack runners like myself have been wearing shoes all their lives and have underdeveloped foot muscles. I really needed to strengthen my feet if I was going to successfully transition out of my neutral-cushioned shoes and into barefoot running. Continue reading

Transition to Barefoot Running – My Journey

My Transition to Barefoot Running

For years I’ve been doing all of my running in neutral-cushioned shoes, and for most of that time I’ve had some form of injury. Shin splints, runners knee, plantar fasciitis, you name it, I had it. I just assumed it was something I had to live with. That it was just part of the deal if I wanted to be a runner. After about 2 years of serious running, I decided that I was tired of being in pain after my runs and I was going to give minimalist shoes a try. Continue reading